[uf-discuss] 4d or A proposal for amendment of the geo microformat

Dimitrios Zachariadis telemetry_mail at yahoo.gr
Thu Jan 18 15:51:01 PST 2007

>This page and effort is failing to follow the
microformats process. If you are the author of this
page, please join the #microformats IRC channel and/or
microformats-discuss mailing list
http://microformats.org/discuss) so that the community
can help walk you through the process. - Tantek

Hello Tantek and all

It looks like I messed up the process of writing a
page in the wiki. I have not found a way to keep a
page been edited private, before it goes public (there
is no sand box for newbies, or is there one?). But I
was also late to realize that a 4d class name that
sounded proper, would not be valid for CSS, since it
starts with a digit.

I am glad to have found the microformat.org site with
its specifications and the work presented there,
especially the geo microformat. I am interested in
tagging a large number of geo info that goes public,
but there is a time dimension to it.

The title and the content of the former 4d page has
been changed to better reflect my views. I hope I
could get some comments or criticisms on the
feasibility of this proposal. I am not realy
interested in creating another microformat, but rather
to find a way to connect geo to a time dimension and a
reference system, which might not be WGS84.

Thanks a lot.


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