[uf-discuss] 4d or A proposal for amendment of the geo microformat

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Jan 18 16:40:53 PST 2007

Hello Dimitrios and welcome to the list!

On 1/18/07 3:51 PM, "Dimitrios Zachariadis" <telemetry_mail at yahoo.gr> wrote:

>> This page and effort is failing to follow the
> microformats process. If you are the author of this
> page, please join the #microformats IRC channel and/or
> microformats-discuss mailing list
> http://microformats.org/discuss) so that the community
> can help walk you through the process. - Tantek
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> Hello Tantek and all

Thanks very much for joining the list.  You'll find that there are a lot of
folks here who will help you walk ideas/thoughts/proposals through the
process to hopefully get a reasonably optimum result.

> It looks like I messed up the process of writing a
> page in the wiki. I have not found a way to keep a
> page been edited private, before it goes public (there
> is no sand box for newbies, or is there one?).

If you want to keep a page private, it may be better to simply edit a local
text document and then create a page when ready.  However...

> But I
> was also late to realize that a 4d class name that
> sounded proper, would not be valid for CSS, since it
> starts with a digit.

There are many steps to complete in the process before you start proposing
class names.

Please read http://microformats.org/wiki/process

In particular note that you should state the specific problem you are trying
to solve, then research and document real world *examples* on the web, then
research and document well established interoperably implemented previous
*formats* before *brainstorming*.  When you get to the brainstorming step,
you may want to take a look at existing "geo" brainstorming here:


> I am glad to have found the microformat.org site with
> its specifications and the work presented there,
> especially the geo microformat. I am interested in
> tagging a large number of geo info that goes public,
> but there is a time dimension to it.

The URLs for that large number of geo info that is public should be captured
in your examples page that you create.

> The title and the content of the former 4d page has
> been changed to better reflect my views.

Please read the How To Play page for some basics on creating and editing
pages on the microformats wiki.


In particular, naming conventions:


> I hope I
> could get some comments or criticisms on the
> feasibility of this proposal.

The primary criticism is not about the specific proposal per se, but more so
the leap to a proposal without first sufficiently documenting the problem
being solved, existing examples, existing formats, per the microformats

> I am not realy
> interested in creating another microformat, but rather
> to find a way to connect geo to a time dimension and a
> reference system, which might not be WGS84.

It actually *does* sound you are looking to create a new microformat which
perhaps embeds a "geo" data item with some additional information to
represent a point in 3D space with a time component.  I think the research
and documentation steps in the process will still be quite useful for this,
even if all you end up with is a set of semantic class names to use, rather
than a microformat.



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