[uf-discuss] More than one value for tel, fax, email?

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> I've got a test page here <http://tenbus.co.uk/wikevent_anvil_01.htm>. 
> It
> (seems) to show the correct information.
> Tails shows two tel entries and two fax entries. But Operator will only
> place the first fax number in the "Business Fax" field when importing into
> Outlook.
> Any ideas

I had problems with outlook not understanding 'voice'  if you can use
something like 'work' instead I think outlook will pick it up as a business

I tried your example, and outlook is recognising the voice numbers as
'other' in the drop down list.


Brilliant! Thanks Tim! I've removed the "voice" and it's now picking both
'phone number up and filing them (in Outlook 2002 SP3) as "Business" and

Now - let's see if I make it see two fax numbers and two e-mail addresses

Thanks again!

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