[uf-discuss] day of month not specified

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Mon Jan 22 12:45:38 PST 2007

>How do I markup a date such as "May, 1998"?  Notice that there is no
>day specified.  Do I assume it to be May 1, 1998, and mark it up as
><abbr class="..." title="1998-05-01">May 1998</abbr>

probably not....

I think the correct way to do it would depend on whether you mean:

"its an event running for the whole month"
(in this case you would set the start and end dates to the actual dates of 
the beginning and end of the month)

- or -

"it's happening sometime in May but I don't know the actual date"

In this case there would be a problem  - I guess that just putting 1998-05 
would probably convey that level of precision
but it would be uncertain how calendar apps would would handle it.

I think some software would incorrectly interpret 1998-05 as 1998-05-01 
which could be a big problem in some cases such as listings of public events 
on a website.
Listing an event on May 1st when it doesn't actually happen on that exact 
date could result in people turning up to an event on the wrong date!

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