[uf-discuss] Search on CSS element (was: Making Microformats Searchable)

David Janes davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Mon Jan 22 17:26:41 PST 2007

On 1/22/07, Michael Leikam <leikam at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Nir,
> I think I know what's been bugging me about this thread.  I
> as a consumer don't care about microformats.  What I care
> about is content that's up-to-date and relevant.  As a
> consumer, I want to know when we're getting together next
> week, not what's marked up with hCal.
> The fundamental thing here is that uFs are a means to an
> end.  They gain usefulness to the extent that they make
> things that I already want to do easy.
> My mom would never search for hcards (no matter the syntax)
> any more than she would search for images in a PNG format.
> It's a niche search that could be performed by a small
> group of technical people and it's no surprise that
> general-purpose search engines haven't made it a priority.
> Nor do I think such support would add much value for most
> people.

Yes, considering the idea I outlined is all of 12 hours old (or 4
days, depending on where you start counting), it's amazing search
engine companies aren't already retooling.

Does your Mom use Google's site:* selector? Maybe, and you might not
even know about it.

David Janes
Founder, BlogMatrix

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