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>> Is there no interrest in such a microformat like rel="pavatar"?

It's been listed as a "rejected microformat":


though I can find no such rejection, by this community. Perhaps someone
can give a reference?

Note that the suggested solution there is unworkable, It recommends:

        use hCard, in particular, "photo" and/or "logo" properties.

if both are used, there is ambiguity:

        <div class="vcard">
                <span class="fn">John Doe</span>
                <img class="logo" src="http://example.com/picA.png"
                alt="" />
                <img class="photo" src="http://example.com/picB.png"
                alt="" />

Which is the avatar - picA or picB?

>Without getting into the technicalities of ‘what makes a microformat’
>at this stage, I think another reason for lack of interest is that
>really, the hCard microformat can already provide the same function.
>The ‘logo’ property of hCard [1] is already used in the wild (to what
>degree I can't say) to mark up ‘avatar’ images.
>So for example:
>       <link href="http://example.com/pic.png" rel="pavatar">
>Can be represented within an hCard:
>       <div class="vcard">
>               <span class="fn">Ben Ward</span>
>               <img class="logo" src="http://example.com/pic.png" alt="" />
>       </div>

That doesn't though, say whether or not the logo is an avatar; unlike:

        <div class="vcard">
                <span class="fn">Ben Ward</span>
                <img class="logo" rel="pavatar"
                src="http://example.com/pic.png" alt="" />

which is clearly unambiguous, and has additional semantic content.

>Therefore, I think that demand for your pavatar specification is
>limited here as there is in effect an existing solution, which goes
>further than pavatar by making the image a visible part of the  content
>as well.

Were "rel-pavatar" (or "rel-avatar", or "rel-havatar" or whatever) to
become a microformat in its own right, it could me made to only apply as
a rel attribute on an img (or possibly other such object); as such, it
would be no less visible.

See also this discussion of pavatar as a microformat:


Andy Mabbett

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