[uf-discuss] XPN: Xhtml Professional Network - idea

Kilian Valkhof kilian at kilianvalkhof.com
Thu Jan 25 10:00:59 PST 2007

Dear Microformat-discuss readers,

First, forgive me if I'm screwing this up, I know absolutely nothing 
about mailing lists.

Secondly, I joined because of XPN, an ‘XHTML Professionals Network’ 
microformat. I thought this up at the end of December, and tried to 
contact Eric, Tantek and Matt through e-mail to get their opinions. I 
haven't had a reply yet, but I saw a little blurp about it on the 
microformats homepage today. (Seemingly from a couple of days earlier 
then I blogged about it, funny how these things work.)

My original ideas can be read here:

I imagined the XPN as a way to define client/developer (rel="client", 
rel="developer") relationships, and built from there. For example, add 
freelancer to it (rel="developer freelancer") or define what part you 
did on the website (rel="client sliced", rel="client design")

An XPN could be expanded to other business sectors as well, but it seems 
smart to start with the web development one.

The direct use for it would be to open the way to a sitemadeby: search, 
next to the defining relationships part.

I don't know if an XPN should be part of XFN or next to it. I would say 
next to it, because it's a different thing. But you could also argue 
that it's a continuation of XFN and as such, should be part of it.

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here, what are your opinions about 
such a microformat?

Kilian Valkhof

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