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Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 17:53:01 PST 2007

Hey Killian,

Take a look at XBN -- we brought up this idea awhile back on Tara's urging...


There's also more there generally about the idea of "professional"
relationships. I favor a moderate advancement of professional
relationships, especially in the context of hResume...

Let's see if we can advance the topic this time around.


On 1/25/07, Kilian Valkhof <kilian at kilianvalkhof.com> wrote:
> Dear Microformat-discuss readers,
> First, forgive me if I'm screwing this up, I know absolutely nothing
> about mailing lists.
> Secondly, I joined because of XPN, an 'XHTML Professionals Network'
> microformat. I thought this up at the end of December, and tried to
> contact Eric, Tantek and Matt through e-mail to get their opinions. I
> haven't had a reply yet, but I saw a little blurp about it on the
> microformats homepage today. (Seemingly from a couple of days earlier
> then I blogged about it, funny how these things work.)
> My original ideas can be read here:
> http://kilianvalkhof.com/2006/web/rel-for-practical-use/
> I imagined the XPN as a way to define client/developer (rel="client",
> rel="developer") relationships, and built from there. For example, add
> freelancer to it (rel="developer freelancer") or define what part you
> did on the website (rel="client sliced", rel="client design")
> An XPN could be expanded to other business sectors as well, but it seems
> smart to start with the web development one.
> The direct use for it would be to open the way to a sitemadeby: search,
> next to the defining relationships part.
> I don't know if an XPN should be part of XFN or next to it. I would say
> next to it, because it's a different thing. But you could also argue
> that it's a continuation of XFN and as such, should be part of it.
> Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here, what are your opinions about
> such a microformat?
> Cheers,
> Kilian Valkhof
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