[uf-discuss] code microformat

anders conbere aconbere at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:26:47 PST 2007

I'm having a difficult time getting dialog started on this, there have
been some suggestions that hReview or hProduct might be better formats
for this, and that with a little work the data presented in most
code-samples on line might be manipulated into those formats.  But
what are other peoples take?

Is the problem well defined?

What use cases can people think of, are there other examples out there
than what I've come up with (I know there are) are there better ones
than what I've already found (there probably is)?

What are peoples thoughts on the base-elements given the resources
already collected?

If I'm having a difficult time building dialog does this imply a
general lack of interest, and does a lack of interest in this
community imply a lack of a real world interest in implementing
something like this?



The Problem

Source code is published around the web in nonstandard formats, this
makes actual use more difficult as it a) obscures possible licensing
issues,  b) doesn't encapsulate the source code in standard machine
readable formats, and  c) doesn't keep important meta data such as
authors, language types and language version, with the source code in
a machine readable fashion.

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