[uf-discuss] Annouce: New Microformats site

Absalom Media absalom at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 31 02:01:11 PST 2007

Just to let people know,

The Joomla! Melbourne User Group site is now live and fully
microformatted at http://www.joomlamug.com and www.joomlamug.org

All content is built around hAtom, all contact details are built around
hCard. The events calendar is partially hAtomised, with some
encapsulation of hEvent (still not perfect in terms of semantics,
though, so any tips to fix the event code would help as I want to hook
it into Technorati's event/RRS conversion). The web links are built
around hListing, with the next revision to include full XPN
relationships. The Live Users area is about to be implemented with a
hCard solution similar to connections.webdirections.org (XFN) as part of
providing tagging to Technorati (as spoken of previously on here).

In the same way Wordpress has a few packages for microformatting, I've
started delivering the same for Mambo & Joomla! (currently past
Generation 2 - so all core content has been microformatted by this time).

Reviews, comments and the like welcomed (oh, and I am experimenting with
sIFR 3.0 so don't get scared if the headings randomly disappear at times).



Lawrence Meckan

Absalom Media
Mob: (04) 1047 9633
ABN: 49 286 495 792

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