[uf-discuss] Annouce: New Microformats site

Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 03:36:31 PST 2007

On 31/01/07, Absalom Media <absalom at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Just to let people know,
> The Joomla! Melbourne User Group site is now live and fully
> microformatted at http://www.joomlamug.com and www.joomlamug.org
> All content is built around hAtom, all contact details are built around
> hCard. The events calendar is partially hAtomised, with some
> encapsulation of hEvent (still not perfect in terms of semantics,
> though, so any tips to fix the event code would help as I want to hook
> it into Technorati's event/RRS conversion). The web links are built
> around hListing, with the next revision to include full XPN
> relationships. The Live Users area is about to be implemented with a
> hCard solution similar to connections.webdirections.org (XFN) as part of
> providing tagging to Technorati (as spoken of previously on here).
> In the same way Wordpress has a few packages for microformatting, I've
> started delivering the same for Mambo & Joomla! (currently past
> Generation 2 - so all core content has been microformatted by this time).
> Reviews, comments and the like welcomed (oh, and I am experimenting with
> sIFR 3.0 so don't get scared if the headings randomly disappear at times).
> Thanks
> Lawrence
> --

Hi Lawrence,

You might want to add appropriate links to the "Examples in the Wild"
sections of the microformats you've used in your site.  (e.g. [1])

Will take a look at your site as soon as I find a few minutes. :)


Frances Berriman

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