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Wed Jan 31 10:40:13 PST 2007

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>If we use @lang, doesn't that mean we're specifying the language of
>the words in the hCite element

Yes (or the sub-element to which the attribute applied). So:

        <cite lang="de">Mein Kampf</cite>

would be correct, even when referring to an English translation, but:

        <cite lang="en">Verwenden von Microformats durch Brian

would not.

> but not necessarily the language of
>the thing we're citing?

In cases where you're citing an on-line source (and of course many
resources are on paper), you can use hreflang:

          <a href="www.ad.nl/" hreflang="nl">Algemeen Dagblad</a>

Andy Mabbett

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