[uf-discuss] Ufs on bbc.co.uk/music

Pelle W mejllistor at kodfabrik.se
Tue Jul 3 11:44:11 PDT 2007

Andy Mabbett skrev:
>> Unfortunately, the database doesn't tell me whether an artist is a 
>> person or a group.
> I empathise - I had the same trouble with bands vs. artist in the 
> relevant infobox on Wikipedia, Fortunately, it is possible for other 
> parameters used there, to distinguish between them.
>> So in the meantime it's the best I can do with available data...
> I wonder whether "no microformats" would be better than "broken 
> microformats"?
> What do others think?
I think that maybe all artist kan be considered a company because 
frankly their names are trademarks no matter if their own, a bands or 
something else.
Britney Spears or Paris Hilton could both practically be caled Britney 
Spears Inc. or Paris Hilton Inc.
It's better with broken microformats than no - but perhaps it's better 
broken the way I suggest than the way it is now?

/ Pelle

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