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On 7/10/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> FYI; note on-line questionnaire.
> I would suggest that the microformat "community" is a "key player", and
> that this is our opportunity to lobby for the inclusion of
> date-of-death, gender and perhaps place-of-birth/death (also useful in
> genealogy & biography).
> In message <4692C6A2.2020000 at calconnect.org>, Dave Thewlis
> <Dave.Thewlis at calconnect.org> writes
> >CalConnect invites you to a a one-day open workshop on vCard and what
> >should be done about it on Tuesday, September 18, 2007, at M.I.T. in
> >Cambridge, Massachusetts. This event is _open_ to vendors, customers,
> >CalConnect members and non-members alike. There is no fee, but you
> >_must_ register in advance and numbers are limited. Please see
> >http://www.calconnect.org/vcardworkshop.shtml for more information and
> >links to the registration <http://www.calconnect.org/vcardreg.shtml>
> >and logistics <http://www.calconnect.org/vcardworkshoplogistics.shtml>
> >pages, a general discussion list
> ><http://www.calconnect.org/vcardworkshoplist.shtml> about the workshop,
> >and a questionnaire
> ><http://www.calconnect.org/vcardquestionnaire.shtml> to give us more
> >guidance to make the workshop as productive as possible.
> >
> >>From the workshop introduction page:
> >
> >vCard is a well established standard for representing and transferring
> >contact information on computer systems and mobile devices. Having been
> >in use for a while, a number of areas of the specification have been
> >noted as problematic and in need of revision for fixes or enhancements.
> >To that end, CalConnect (the Calendaring & Scheduling Consortium) is
> >hosting a one day vCard-focused workshop event at M.I.T. in Cambridge,
> >Massachusetts in September with the goal of bringing together the key
> >players to help move forward vCard revision efforts.
> >
> >Note that an effort is already under way at the IETF (Internet
> >Engineering Task Force) to develop a personal address book access
> >protocol based on the CardDAV specification, and since that is based on
> >vCard, a revision of the vCard specification will be taking place
> >within the IETF. However, bringing together interested parties in a
> >focused discussion at a workshop can help drive that effort and provide
> >supporting input to it to ensure the specific needs of the key players
> >is covered.
> >
> >The goal of the workshop is two-fold. First to determine the real
> >interest in revising the vCard specification, and second to determine
> >what needs to be revised and how to go about doing that.
> >
> >
> >If you are not a CalConnect member, this is also an opportunity to stay
> >on for Roundtable X <http://www.calconnect.org/roundtable10.shtml> as
> >an observer, and we'd be delighted to have you; you will have to
> >register separately for the Roundtable.
> >Regardless of whether or not you are interested in attending the
> >workshop, we would appreciate it very much if you would take a few
> >minutes to fill out the questionnaire
> ><http://www.calconnect.org/vcardquestionnaire.shtml>, as this will help
> >provide the workshop participants with guidance as to the directions
> >any progression on vCard should take.
> >
> >
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