[uf-discuss] [hReview] Best way to find book reviews

me at sergiosantos.info me at sergiosantos.info
Mon Jul 23 15:55:09 PDT 2007

I've been thinking about creating an aggregator of book reviews, based on
the hReview format. People just needed to drop their website link and it
would ping it regularly for new reviews. But since the microformat has a
field 'type' where the best description for a book e product, the parser
could also get several reviews non-related with books. On the hReview FAQ
it advises to use to book rel='tag' to specify more the type of the
review, this doesn't seem to be a common practice in the Examples in the
wild. So I ask you what would be the best way to find the book reviews.
Asking for everyone to put the book tag and probably losing hundreds of
reviews already out there without it? Run the title of the review against
the Amazon database?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Sérgio Santos

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