[uf-discuss] Specifying a contact person for an org in hCard

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Jul 30 15:47:18 PDT 2007

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>On 7/30/07, Brian Middleton <brian_middleton at csnw.com> wrote:
>> Is there a way to make an hCard that is specified as an organization
>> have a person listed as a contact? I see in Apple's Address Book
>> application that you can have a entry marked as a company and have
>> the contact person's name right underneath the company name. How
>> would that be formatted with hCard?
>> I tried labeling the organization with an 'fn' and the person's name
>> with an 'n', but that made the person's name as the display name for
>> the card and it didn't label it as an organization. I want the card
>> to be marked as an organization.

What about reversing those?

        <span class=fn>Brian Suda</span>
        <span class="n org">FooBar Ltd</span>

>--- i think you are pretty close, here is how the apple address book
>exports it:
>FN:FooBar Ltd
>ORG:FooBar Ltd;
>So the FN == ORG, but they also put a proprietary X-ABShowAs which is
>not part of the vCard spec. Can anyone else confirm how Outlook or
>other PIMs would import/export similar situations?

I've got Outlook 2002, which allows a contact to be recorded with a
person's name and an organisation, and uses "file as" to display the
latter, rather then the former, as the entry in Outlook's index.

It exports to .vcf as:

        FN:Brian Suda
        ORG:FooBar Ltd

with no indicator of the previously-selected sort key.

The address book on my Nokia N95 has an "assistant" field, with no
further granularity (so I could fudge an entry for "FooBar Ltd", with
"Brian Suda" as the "assistant"). The field is exported to .vcf as

Andy Mabbett

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