[uf-discuss] rich internet apps and microformats

Taylor Cowan taylor_cowan at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 07:59:43 PDT 2007

My team and I are enthusiastic about microformats, however, we are also moving some user interaction to the Flex platform.  I'm curious to know if there are others who are facing this.  Given that microformats are necessarily visual, there doesn't seem to be an obvious solution. 

One might have a context sensitive badge that when clicked takes you to an xhml page with the same context.  For example, if I'm looking at a list of reviews in a Flex app and click the microformts badge, I go to http://.../reviews, and if I'm looking at review #3, the same badge would take me to http://..../reviews/3, which reply with xhml with embedded formats.  Essentially a mirror of the flex app via static reference html.

Or the badge could write the formats directly to the clipboard, like liveclipboard, but that excludes ping services.


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