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Montgomery, Mike MMontgomery at TerpSys.com
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I was able to get phone numbers to export into Outlook by specifying a
"type" and "value.  I have updated your example as follows:

<div class="vcard"><span class="fn">Jim McAuley</span>, <span
class="tel"><span class="value">705-670-5855</span> (<span
class="type">Work</span>)</span>, <a class="email"
href="mailto:james.mcauley at ontario.ca">james.mcauley at ontario.ca</a></div

There may be a different (and better way) to get it to work but this is
how I was able to do it.


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I am working on our government web site and am working towards
implementing the hCard microformat for our contact pages. However, I am
having a bit of difficulty with phone numbers.

To "verify" my work, I installed the Tails Export extension for Firefox
but when I export to Microsoft Outlook Contacts, the telephone number in
the hCard doesn't export.

An example of my efforts is:

<div class="vcard"><span class="fn">Jim McAuley</span>, <span
class="tel">705-670-5855</span>, <a class="email"
href="mailto:james.mcauley at ontario.ca">james.mcauley at ontario.ca</a></div

Is the problem with the export a limitation on Tails Export (I also
tried the Operator extension with the same results) or something else?



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