[uf-discuss] HResume question

George Malamidis george at nutrun.com
Mon Jun 25 04:04:31 PDT 2007

> You're right and I totally agree with you about the value "skill"  
> adds to
> resume and CV data. I added an issue to the wiki suggesting that  
> the hResume
> "skill" might be easier to implement if the use of rel-tag was made
> optional. Brian Suda has suggested that if we made it optional, and  
> there is
> a rel-tag, then take the tag space, if it is not present, take the  
> node
> value.
> How important to you is rel-tag in your implementation?

rel-tag itself is not vital in the way we parse hResumes, but  
class="skill" is, as we treat individual skills as tags in the way we  
store them, analyze and display them. We have a 'popular skills' tag  
cloud and '/skill/microformats' type of URLs which link to skill  
stats and information resources.


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