[uf-discuss] HResume question

Steve Ganz steve at ganz.name
Fri Jun 22 15:27:46 PDT 2007

On 6/22/07, George Malamidis wrote:

> We are writing a hResume aggregation service and we've been 
> using links from 
> http://microformats.org/wiki/hresume-examples-in-wild for 
> testing/development.
> http://www.edlabs.net/ and http://www.clintandrewhall.com/resume.html
> are two examples I have handy right now. There are more if 
> you go through the list.
> "skill" as a tag is central to what we're doing, as we are 
> working on providing statistics on skill trends based on the 
> hResumes we aggregate. LinkedIn would offer an instant way 
> for users to submit their hResumes to our service, and it's a 
> shame we can't make much use of it, given it's the greatest 
> single source for hResumes at the moment (or am I wrong?).

You're right and I totally agree with you about the value "skill" adds to
resume and CV data. I added an issue to the wiki suggesting that the hResume
"skill" might be easier to implement if the use of rel-tag was made
optional. Brian Suda has suggested that if we made it optional, and there is
a rel-tag, then take the tag space, if it is not present, take the node

How important to you is rel-tag in your implementation? 

- Steve Ganz

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