[uf-discuss] wysiwyg editors and microformats

Thom Shannon thom at ts0.com
Mon Jun 25 10:39:26 PDT 2007

I agree, a generic hCa* button would be far too complicated, just look 
at the hCard builder tool.

What I'm thinking is something where the web designer who's configuring 
the CMS and building CSS can decide what the content author sees and 
uses. For example my client adds lists of training events on her site 
under different pages and often in amongst copy, some times its a list 
of a few, sometimes just one. I want to define a template for a list and 
a template for a single item, choosing the small number of fields I know 
she'll need. Then when she edits in the training section she'll see 
these two clear buttons, with labels I've defined, that help her add an 
event. It looks all nice and consistent and gets a map link that I've 
added in the template, so there are clear benefits/motivation for her to 
do it.

It's to bridge the gap between usability and relevant data description.

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