[uf-discuss] "abbr" and accessibility - a work around.

Ben Buchanan microformats at 200ok.com.au
Tue Jun 26 21:17:41 PDT 2007

>   <span class="smaller geo">
>     <abbr class="latitude" title="52.453856"></abbr>52^27'14"N
>     <abbr class="longitude" title="-1.748028"></abbr>01^44'53"W
>   </span>
> I admire the lateral thinking, but I wonder if this is any better, from
> the PoV of people using assistive technology? If it is, it would seem to
> provide a simple work-around to recent concerns.

At first glance I can't imagine how that could be any better for AT,
since it still leaves the user with the raw coords being vocalised,
possibly twice in a row. But realistically it needs a quick test by AT
users to know for sure.

I also think calling an empty element "valid HTML" stretches the truth a bit :)


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