[uf-discuss] microformats for normal people, like my mum

Pelle W mejllistor at kodfabrik.se
Thu Jun 28 02:19:54 PDT 2007

On 6/27/07, Tara Hunt <tara at citizenagency.com> wrote:
>> Although I heart the idea of language for non-experts, I'm wondering
>> how public facing Microformats, as a general term, is.
>> I've thought about this before...I can see the specific microformats,
>> like hCard and hCal and hReview being public facing...and, in reality,
>> these are pretty descriptive. Maybe they just need some sort of iconic
>> marker (like RSS has)...which I think has been attempted before.
I agree with Tara here. Microformats is interesting for developers 
because it tells us in what way the solution works but for my mum it 
would tell nothing. My mom knows however what an address is and what a 
calendar is and because of that it's the microformats in itself that 
should be given common names like "web feeds" for RSS. I don't know but 
have XML been given a humane name yet? Because XML is to RSS what 
Microformats is to hCard.

If Microformats should be given a more humane name then that would be 
something about semantics. Semanticdata perhaps - but it wouldn't make 
anyone happier I think because the only ones who would be interested 
would be those who already knows what Microformats is.
>> As far as talking about Microformats under one banner, I don't know if
>> the distinction really needs to be made. i think that may be what POSH
>> was trying to say: use plain old semantic html...but even that is
>> talking to developers and advanced content producers.
I agree wth Tara here also.

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