[uf-discuss] microformats for normal people, like my mum

Alex Faaborg faaborg at mozilla.com
Thu Jun 28 05:20:20 PDT 2007

One reason to consider having both an implementation-level name and  
an interface-level name:  Mozilla has had multiple inquiries from  
reporters in the mainstream media who wanted to cover microformats in  
stories about the future of the Web browser, but they then later  
backed out because they felt the term "microformats" would only  
appeal to developers, and not the average reader.

Also, from a user interface design perspective, we really shouldn't  
expose implementation-level terminology to end users.


On Jun 28, 2007, at 4:35 AM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message <41F0355F-62DE-43C6-BF03-86E3DAD30F87 at mozilla.com>, Alex  
> Faaborg <faaborg at mozilla.com> writes
>> this  description would finish the sentence "features of Firefox 3  
>> include  support for offline Web applications, private browsing,  
>> blocking  malware, and __[user facing way of saying microformat  
>> detection]__"
>> ...data detection?
>> ...semantic browsing?
>> ...data browsing?
>> ...semantic data detection?
>> ...semantic data browsing?
>> ...semantic data navigating?
> "data extraction"
> Though it strikes me as odd that we expend efforts trying to raise  
> "brand awareness" for microformats, then start top discuss renaming  
> them...
> We should think long and hard about whether that's a good idea.
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> Andy Mabbett
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