[uf-discuss] Date of Death in hCard

John Beales john at johnbeales.com
Thu Jun 28 08:43:54 PDT 2007

Scott wrote:

> I suspect we're interpreting Ben's proposal differently, but this
> looks like modularity to me, one of the principles of microformats.
> There's already a "Specifications That Use hCard" section in the
> hCard spec, including geo and adr, which go into hCards.  "died" or
> whatever could be another addition to that list.  However it is made,
> I think there needs to be some distinction between vCard-derived and
> other properties, because the vCard RFC is currently referenced as
> the definition of hCard properties, and we don't want people confused
> hunting through the vCard RFC looking for "died" or other properties
> that aren't there.

This is an interesting idea - the modular approach.  This way we could
include not only a death date, but a place as well.  Eventually this
could be added to bday too, (it may be a trick to make it stick to the
vcard - but that's a challenge for later).  Having birth and death
dates and places would be very useful for geneological and historical
applications, although perhaps it's getting outside the realm of hCard
and getting into hBio or something.


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