[uf-discuss] Confused about telephone numbers in hCard

Rickards, Julian (NDM) julian.rickards at ontario.ca
Fri Jun 29 11:26:13 PDT 2007

Sorry Scott for top-posting, will change that from now on. 

>> So I changed the code to:
>> <div>Toll-free Phone: <span class="tel"><span 
>> class="work">1-800-670-5861</span></span></div>
>> and now it works properly but HTML Tidy gives me a warning about 
>> nested spans. So I changed it once again to combine the classes to:

> The example above is not valid hCard.  Types are not classes, so
that's likely only working because it's ignoring the 
> class="work" completely.  I think what Mike was asking is if the
following works:

This is a pity because for my work, I have to create a contact page in
both French and English (the two official languages of the province of
Ontario, Canada) so having "work" or "fax" on a French page won't work
for us. It would have been great if the hCard specification allowed
class="work" because then I could use <span class="work">Bureau</span>
or alternate descriptions in English (or any language) such as <span
class="work">Toll-free Phone</span>.

> <div class="tel"><span class="type">work</span>: <span

At http://jrickards.ca/hcard.html, I used code similar to the one you
have above. The phone number doesn't appear in Outlook when using Tails
Export but, when using the link to X2V, it adds "work" to the beginning
of the phone number.


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