[uf-discuss] Re: changing abbr-design-pattern to title-design-pattern?

Jon Gibbins (dotjay) dotjay at november5th.net
Tue May 1 02:22:34 PDT 2007

Absalom Media wrote:
> Jon wrote:
>> To comment on the redundant span test-case...
>> A cursory test of that in context on absalom.biz using IE 7 resulted in 
>> JAWS behaving strangely. I intend to test this more, but my observations 
>> are as follows:
>> JAWS wasn't reading out the title attribute in place of the element's 
>> content (a human-readable date) when set to expand abbreviations. 
>> Probing the element information (Ins+Shift+F1) didn't report a title 
>> attribute on the element. After restarting JAWS and IE 7, the 
>> not-so-nice ISO date in the title attribute was read out in place of the 
>> human-readable date.
> The question then becomes why does it require a restart to negotiate to
> the ISO date ?

Hi Lawrence,

It wasn't that I needed to restart to apply the settings in JAWS, rather
that is required a restart for JAWS to refresh its model of the page I
think. The verbose settings were applied, but JAWS could not extract the
title attribute from your page.

>> I figure it might be something to do with the sIFR in use on the page 
>> tested on absalom.biz, as it was causing other issues when reading past 
>> the <h3> just above the microformatted date. It could be something to do 
>> with using the redundant span, but it's unlikely.
> Interesting. I've had no trouble with JAWS 8, IE6 and sIFR. Could IE7 be
> to blame?

Admittedly, my test with JAWS 8.0 and IE 6 worked far better than with
IE 7, so yes, I do think the odd behaviour could be restricted to IE 7.
However, when testing with IE 6 and JAWS set to announce expanded
abbreviations, the non-human-friendly ISO date was read out as in my
previous testing.

If you are setting JAWS 8.0 to expand abbreviations and browsing with IE
6, I cannot explain this discrepancy. If you use JAWS 7.10 to test,
however, there is a bug with the verbosity settings that means
abbreviations are not actually expanded. The setting is effectively



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