[uf-discuss] Re: changing abbr-design-pattern to title-design-pattern?

Absalom Media absalom at iinet.net.au
Tue May 1 01:29:20 PDT 2007

Jon wrote:
> To comment on the redundant span test-case...
> A cursory test of that in context on absalom.biz using IE 7 resulted in 
> JAWS behaving strangely. I intend to test this more, but my observations 
> are as follows:
> JAWS wasn't reading out the title attribute in place of the element's 
> content (a human-readable date) when set to expand abbreviations. 
> Probing the element information (Ins+Shift+F1) didn't report a title 
> attribute on the element. After restarting JAWS and IE 7, the 
> not-so-nice ISO date in the title attribute was read out in place of the 
> human-readable date.

The question then becomes why does it require a restart to negotiate to
the ISO date ?

Caveats: My JAWS testing has been Firefox 2 and IE6 based. I set it to
read the entire document as a first pass, then focus on the content
surrounding the date time elements and just let it repeat itself ad naseum.

> The discrepancy seems to have indicated a false positive - the 
> human-readable date was heard when expecting the title expansion to be 
> spoken in its place.

Both the redundant span and the abbreviation element itself have the
same ISO date as title.

> I figure it might be something to do with the sIFR in use on the page 
> tested on absalom.biz, as it was causing other issues when reading past 
> the <h3> just above the microformatted date. It could be something to do 
> with using the redundant span, but it's unlikely.

Interesting. I've had no trouble with JAWS 8, IE6 and sIFR. Could IE7 be
to blame?


Lawrence Meckan

PS. Apologies for the UTF post previously. Webmail went a little leftfield.

Lawrence Meckan

Absalom Media
Mob: (04) 1047 9633
ABN: 49 286 495 792

Lawrence Meckan

Absalom Media
Mob: (04) 1047 9633
ABN: 49 286 495 792

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