[uf-discuss] User Interface for Firefox/Operator

Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
Tue May 1 08:12:22 PDT 2007

Hey Mike,

Here's my "wish list" for Operator:

1. Suppose a web page has multiple geo Microformats.  The Operator
"Find a Google Map" currently allows only a mashup of one geo
Microformat at a time with Google Maps.  I would like an option that
would display all the geo Microformats simultaneously.  For example, a
web page that shows the route of an airplane may have a geo Microformat
for each waypoint.  I would like to be able to view on Google Maps all
the waypoints simultaneously.

2. Suppose the geo Microformat is part of an hCard.  The "Find a Google
Map" currently only shows the lat/lon values on the Google Map.  It
would be nice if Operator would scoop up some of the other information
in the hCard, such as name and address, and display it on the Google

3. An XHTML document is an XML document.  Operator recognizes
Microformats in XHTML XML documents, but not other XML documents.  For
example, here is an XML document that has an embedded hCard:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<hotel class="vcard">
    <name class="fn org">Waldorf-Astoria</name>
    <location class="adr">
        <street class="street-address">301 Park Ave.</street>
        <city class="locality">New York</city>
        <state class="region">NY</state>
        <zipcode class="postal-code">10022</zipcode>

I would like to see Operator able to recognize Microformats in any XML
document, not just XHTML XML documents.


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