[uf-discuss] global editorial changes to the wiki - please avoid, and blocking

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Tue May 1 08:17:30 PDT 2007


Two individuals have recently made global editorial changes to the wiki
which are far from optimal, were not even proposed before executed, and thus
are tantamount to damage or an attack on the wiki.

Unfortunately, that leaves me no choice but to immediately block both users
until the admins can decide how to proceed.  I'm hoping that this issue will
be clarified in a matter of *hours* and that both blocks will be released
when clarification is communicated, and various pages, e.g. "how-to-play"
are updated accordingly.

I apologize for the summary blocking without warning, but it is
unfortunately the required response to summary global editing of the wiki
without warning.



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