[uf-discuss] global editorial changes to the wiki - please avoid, and blocking

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue May 1 11:21:28 PDT 2007

In message <C25CA7FC.8D4D8%tantek at cs.stanford.edu>, Tantek Çelik
<tantek at cs.stanford.edu> writes

>Two individuals have recently made global editorial changes to the wiki
>which are far from optimal, were not even proposed before executed, and
>thus are tantamount to damage or an attack on the wiki.

I'm one of those editors; and once again this smacks of being an
arbitrary, heavy-handed and unjust over-reaction. And to describe my
edits as "tantamount to damage or an attack on the wiki" is utterly

I made a total of just *twenty* edits today. One was to redirect the
previously non-existent:




Two were to redirect the previously non-existent:




(as the former had over 300 other pages pointing to it).

One removed two red links from the "main" page:


All of the remaining 16 were (as clearly stated in edit summaries) to
remove redundant red links (some of which had existed since 2005, and
others for over a year), such as those to:







(plus some *-fr equivalents; one of those edits also corrected some

This being, supposedly, a wiki, any of those links is easily reinstated.

>Unfortunately, that leaves me no choice but to immediately block both

No; you had *lots* of choices, and made a decision - please take
responsibility for your own actions.

>until the admins can decide how to proceed.

Presumably, this means that discussion is taking place - and decisions
being made - on the invitation-only admin mailing list, rather than
openly and in public? Has recent discussion of "governance" issues
changed nothing?

Your edit summary when blocking me was:

        blocked "User:AndyMabbett" with an expiry time of 24 hours:
        global wiki edits outside of community policies/expectations
        without discussion

Please explain:

   1)   What is a "global wiki edit" and how my edits meet that

   2)   The community policy(ies) contravened by my edits, and where on
        et wiki or else where they can be found.

   3)   How, if there was no discussion, you know that the edits were
        "outside community expectations".

Or are your actions carried out without need for justification?

You have previously threatened to ban me from this mailing list for
discussing "meta" issues. I note that you have raised a meta issue here;
and denied me access to the only alternative forum (the wiki) where I an
able to raise them.

>I apologize for the summary blocking without warning, but it is
>unfortunately the required response to summary global editing of the
>wiki without warning.

Apology not accepted; your response was not "required".

Andy Mabbett
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