[uf-discuss] video-metadata-models

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed May 2 11:58:09 PDT 2007

Two of my recent edits, soon reverted by Tantek, were to remove red
links to:




plus the French equivalents.

The original red link had existed since December 2005 - over 16 months

There are no other "/video-metadata-* pages on the wiki, and no other
"*-models" pages that I can find. "/video" redirects to:


which appears unrelated to the above.

I can find no reference to "video-metadata-models" in the IRC or mailing
list logs, and the page appears to have never existed.

Can anyone tell me why these red links should remain on the Wiki? What
information do they convey, and what purpose do they serve, other than
inviting and enticing people to create "/video-metadata-models" and
"/ video-metadata-models-fr", apparently outside the "process"?

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