[uf-discuss] microshow

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed May 2 11:56:11 PDT 2007

Two of my recent edits, soon reverted by Tantek, were to remove a red
link, under the heading "see also" to  from:


and from:


The red link was to:


and had existed since 15/ 16 December 2005 - over 16 months ago

The page:


was created at the same time as those red links:


but  was deleted by Tantek less than one hour later:


with the edit summary:

        deleted "microshow": 1. This is a shell page. 2. It is based on
        a premature *-brainstorming page. 3. It ignores existing
        media-metadata work.

Tantek then noted, on both "/show-brainstroimng" and

        This page has been prematurely created ... Any microformat about
        a show, or video, or tv should be worked on within the context
        of media-metadata-examples, rather than creating new pages for


I can find no other reference to "microshow"  on IRC or the WIki.

It was briefly discussed in this December 2005 mailing list thread:


in which Tantek commented:

        I also noticed this: http://microformats.org/wiki/microshow


        Please do not create a microformat page for something for which
        there isn't even a strawman specification in the *-brainstorming
        page.  Shell pages like this one will be deleted..

Can anyone tell me why these red links should remain on the Wiki? What
information do they convey, and what purpose do they serve, other than
inviting and enticing people to create "/microshow", apparently outside
the beloved "process"?

Andy Mabbett
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