[uf-discuss] human readable date parsing

James Craig jcraig at apple.com
Fri May 4 11:48:17 PDT 2007

Andy Mabbett wrote:

> Tantek Çelik writes
>> Al's explanation provides good reasons *in general* why visible data
>> works (and why invisible does not work),
> Consider:
>         <a href="cheese" lang="fr">Fromage<a>
> Where's the visible data there? By your logic, tags should only  
> work on
> the anchor element's content, not the tail of it's URL. You appear  
> to be
> operating double standards.

I agree. Using an optional title on the following would be a much  
better solution for rel-tag than the current implementation. Though,  
as indicated, the french tag should probably still remain in French.

<a rel="tag" href="/username/tags/cheese" title="Cheese">Your Cheese<a>
<a rel="tag" href="/tags/cheese" title="Cheese">Everyone's Cheese<a>
<a rel="tag" href="/tags/fromage" title="Fromage" lang="fr">Fromage<a>

Using title would also allow proper internationalization of rel-tag.  
For example, the restful katakana tag space is readable only to  

<a rel="tag" href="/tags/%u30D4%u30D5/" title="ピフ">ピフ</a>

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