[uf-discuss] GRDDL (Microformats->Semantic Web) call for comments

Harry Halpin hhalpin at ibiblio.org
Thu May 10 14:49:58 PDT 2007

Hey everyone,

    Has anyone here heard of GRDDL? It's a simple method of converting
microformats to RDF, the basic data format of the Semantic Web, and then
one can use the Semantic Web toolset to do some interesting things like
merge microformat-based data from different sources and then query the
"mashed-up" microformat data.  GRDDL allows one to link a transformation
to RDF (either from the document directly or the profile URI) to some
micro-format enabled data. The technique also works with plain-vanilla
XML documents. I think with GRDDL, we get both additional value from
microformats and the Semantic Web.

    I'm the chair of the W3C GRDDL WG, and I want for people who are
active in the microformat community to give us comments on our
specification. We would highly value your comments on any of the
following docs:

1) GRDDL specification, which is for implementers and power-users, and
as such is formally written.
This document is a Candidate Recommendation, so we'd like comments
within the month:


2) GRDDL Primer, which is for end-users and is supposed to be
easy-to-read and informal:


3) The specification has test-cases and a test-harness (we have
implementations in Python, C, and Java), a Last Call Working Draft:


4) Use-case scenarios:



Harry Halpin,  University of Edinburgh 
http://www.ibiblio.org/hhalpin 6B522426

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