[uf-discuss] a[name] as machine data?

Patrick H. Lauke redux at splintered.co.uk
Sun May 13 02:58:07 PDT 2007

Toby Inkster wrote:
> Better than a[name] would be a[href], assuming a relevent URI scheme exists:
> <a href="geo:51.36,-0.05">London, <abbr title="United Kingom">UK</abbr></a>
> (See: http://geouri.org/)
> Disadvantages would be:
> 1. Involves using a poorly supported URI scheme. People using browsers
> that don't support the scheme would get a link that doesn't do anything,
> or brings up a cryptic message. (This could be worked around with a
> combination of CSS and Javascript, but that seems a bit hackish to me.)
> 2. This requires there to always *be* such a URI scheme. There isn't a URI
> scheme for timestamps for instance. URI schemes cannot be quickly and
> easily registered.

3. This puts those links in the tab cycle for keyboard users, and on a 
page listing lots of events it would turn into tabbing hell.

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