[uf-discuss] Hidden Locality/Country?

John Beales john at johnbeales.com
Tue May 22 05:43:40 PDT 2007

> Obviously I could just include the information, even though it serves no function for the human readers of the site. But I am reluctant to add redundant information that serves no function to human readers -- part of the draw of u-formats for me is the ability to have added semantic information without compromising my end-user experience.

I think that you could include the state abbreviation 'CA' without
making the information too redundant.  It is true that everything's in
California, but by making the a line if the address read:
 <span class="locality">Mendocino</span>, <abbr class="region"
title="California">CA</abbr> , <span class="postal-code">95460</span>
You would end up with a properly formatted postal address, which may
actually be more human-readable, (just because we're used to it),
wouldn't you?  Even if not you're only adding 3 extra characters to

For the country though, I'm not sure what you should do.  It would be
totally redundant in the context of the site, but as you say if
someone's, (something), using the info outside of the context of the
site it would be helpful.

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