[uf-discuss] Hidden Locality/Country?

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Wed May 23 03:46:20 PDT 2007

>> Obviously I could just include the information, even though it serves no 
>> function for the human readers of the site. But I am reluctant to add 
>> redundant >information that serves no function to human readers -- part 
>> of the draw of u-formats for me is the ability to have added semantic 
>> information without >compromising my end-user experience.

I think it IS a good idea to include that extra information.

 I have done some work on aggregating international events data and I know 
just how frustrating it is to get a machine to work out what country/city or 
state something is in when that information is not explicitly provided.

...so I'd say it is better to include it - even if it has to be hidden
(as long as the authoring methods/forms/etc make it clear to the author what 
has to be updated)

For me one of the most important reasons for using hCalendar is that you CAN 
mark up locality/region/country as well as the dates/etc...
That is something that iCal/RSS+Event/etc don't have!

> I think that you could include the state abbreviation 'CA' without
> making the information too redundant.  It is true that everything's in
> California, but by making the a line if the address read:
> <span class="locality">Mendocino</span>, <abbr class="region"
> title="California">CA</abbr> , <span class="postal-code">95460</span>

this sounds like a good idea to me -
except that I think the country-name should also be included if possible - 
even if it has to be hidden

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