[uf-discuss] Possible hAtom or maybe hSummary Use Case

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Wed May 23 09:19:04 PDT 2007


Here's a good use can for hAtom or maybe a (non-existent) hSummary
Microformat.  (The forwarded message, that shows the use case, is
after my writing.)

A user is able to code their blog/vlog posts in HTML.

They are NOT able to touch the RSS feed directly.

They can get things into the RSS <enclosure> by putting a
rel-enclosure link in their post.

BUT... how do they choose what goes into the RSS <description>
element?  (Especially... when they want the RSS <description> element
to be a summary... and NOT the full text of the post.)

I remember when hAtom was being created, there was talk of use of
class-summary to mark the "summary".  (I believe this eventually
changed to the class name "entry-summary".)

Things to consider...
* Is a summary useful beyond just hAtom?  (I.e., should we be using
the class name "summary" instead of "entry-summary"?)
* Should a user have to do a full hAtom markup to mark their summary?
(It might be too much for some users.)

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From: B Yen <byen at dslextreme.com>
Date: May 22, 2007 10:18 PM
Subject: [videoblogging] setting "description" for iTunes
video-podcast, using Blogger & Feedburner?

I'm using Blogger for my video-blog. The Feedburner RSS feed picks up
 the blog-entry "title" for the podcast name. However, it picks up any
 text in the body for the "description"..which looks messy in the
 iTunes podcast section. E.g.

 [ my description..followed by additional words ]

 How can I force the "description" to be some phrase I want?

 I use [a href="my video URL" rel="enclosure" ] to force the RSS feed
 to pickup the video. Is there a similar thing for "description"?

 Tx for any help.


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