[uf-discuss] Complete n00b: adr microformat

Katrina Kaz at t-tec.com.au
Tue Nov 6 19:20:31 PST 2007


I would like to ask a few questions about the adr microformat and I 
really hope I am in the correct place. I am so sorry if I am not.

I am trying to learn about microformats, and so far so good.

Q1. I have an address I would like to mark up as an adr. Now the problem 
that I think I am having with this address is that it has a country, a 
state, a city, a suburb, a postcode, and a street address.

As far as I know, adr only has region and locality.

Possible markup example:
<div class="adr"><div class="work">Street Address</div>
    <div class="street-address"></div>
    <div class="locality"></div> --> suburb?
    <div class="postal-code"></div>
    <div class="region"></div> -- > state?
    <div class="country-name"></div>

If locality equates to suburb, and region equates to state, how do I add 
the city? Can I use extended address or is that reserved for a more 
refined-grain part of the address than street-address, eg. office 

Q2. As far as I am aware, good typography insists that colons are flush 
against the word they succeed, and are also styled in the same manner. 
Is it OK to have colons in the <spans>?

For example:
<div class="tel"><span class="type" title="fax">Fax:</span>  <span 
class="value">+60 3 7880 7978</span></div>



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