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Francois Lafortune quickredfox at neuenode.com
Tue Nov 6 19:57:06 PST 2007

A1. I would propose "locality"  for the suburb maybe and if you must  
specify city AND suburb in different tags then I dont see anything  
wrong with that, they are both class names and from the xhtml  
standpoint they can be re-used. Or, you could stick the suburb in  
with the city (which I think goes better with some microformat  
parsers) separated by a coma unless you really need to have them in  
separate tags. I don't see anything wrong with that but I'm no guru.

A2.1. it is OK to have colons in spans but the colons would be  
included by some parsers as being part of the content. putting your  
colon outside the span wont add an extra space if node right.

A2.2 AKA: Personal Vendetta

I hate the way microformats are going through that whole adolescence  
phase and bringing back major disease like acute divitus and severe  
spanitis, My personal take on this would be something the likes of:

	<dl class="adr">
		<dt class="work">Street Address</dt>
			<dd class="street-address">111 some street</dd>
			<dd class="extended-address">suite 101</dd>
			<dd class="locality">Cooltown</dd>
			<dd class="locality">Suburbia</dd>
		<dt>Postal Code</dt>
			<dd class="postal-code">H0H 0H0</dd>
			<dd class="region">OG</dd>
			<dd class="country-name">Canada</dd>
	<dl class="tel">
		<dt class="type" title="fax">Fax:</dt>
			<dd class="value">+1-111-111-1111</dd>
		<dt class="type" title="work">Work:</dt>
			<dd class="value">+2-222-222-2222</dd>

we have markup language people... dont be affraid to use it! And a  
plus, it adresses you colon issues pretty well I would say.

On 6-Nov-07, at 10:20 PM, Katrina wrote:

> Gday,
> I would like to ask a few questions about the adr microformat and I  
> really hope I am in the correct place. I am so sorry if I am not.
> I am trying to learn about microformats, and so far so good.
> Q1. I have an address I would like to mark up as an adr. Now the  
> problem that I think I am having with this address is that it has a  
> country, a state, a city, a suburb, a postcode, and a street address.
> As far as I know, adr only has region and locality.
> Possible markup example:
> <div class="adr"><div class="work">Street Address</div>
>    <div class="street-address"></div>
>    <div class="locality"></div> --> suburb?
>    <div class="postal-code"></div>
>    <div class="region"></div> -- > state?
>    <div class="country-name"></div>
> </div>
> If locality equates to suburb, and region equates to state, how do  
> I add the city? Can I use extended address or is that reserved for  
> a more refined-grain part of the address than street-address, eg.  
> office number/building?
> Q2. As far as I am aware, good typography insists that colons are  
> flush against the word they succeed, and are also styled in the  
> same manner. Is it OK to have colons in the <spans>?
> For example:
> <div class="tel"><span class="type" title="fax">Fax:</span>  <span  
> class="value">+60 3 7880 7978</span></div>
> Thanks!!
> Kat
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