[uf-discuss] Complete n00b: adr microformat

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 6 21:36:00 PST 2007

On 11/6/07 7:57 PM, "Francois Lafortune" <quickredfox at neuenode.com> wrote:

> A1. I would propose "locality"  for the suburb maybe and if you must
> specify city AND suburb in different tags then I dont see anything
> wrong with that, they are both class names and from the xhtml
> standpoint they can be re-used. Or, you could stick the suburb in
> with the city (which I think goes better with some microformat
> parsers) separated by a coma unless you really need to have them in
> separate tags. I don't see anything wrong with that but I'm no guru.

locality is used for city in common vCard implementations.  you could put
suburb in extended-address if you wanted to.

> A2.1. it is OK to have colons in spans but the colons would be
> included by some parsers as being part of the content. putting your
> colon outside the span wont add an extra space if node right.


> A2.2 AKA: Personal Vendetta
> I hate the way microformats are going through that whole adolescence
> phase and bringing back major disease like acute divitus and severe
> spanitis, My personal take on this would be something the likes of:
> <address>
> <dl class="adr">
> <dt class="work">Street Address</dt>
> <dd class="street-address">111 some street</dd>
> <dd class="extended-address">suite 101</dd>
> <dt>City</dt>
> <dd class="locality">Cooltown</dd>
> <dd class="locality">Suburbia</dd>
> <dt>Postal Code</dt>
> <dd class="postal-code">H0H 0H0</dd>
> <dt>Region</dt>
> <dd class="region">OG</dd>
> <dt>Country</dt>
> <dd class="country-name">Canada</dd>
> </dl>
> <dl class="tel">
> <dt class="type" title="fax">Fax:</dt>
> <dd class="value">+1-111-111-1111</dd>
> <dt class="type" title="work">Work:</dt>
> <dd class="value">+2-222-222-2222</dd>
> </dl>
> </address>
> we have markup language people... dont be affraid to use it!

be afraid to use it incorrectly however, as the above use of <address> does.

<address> does not mean address.  this is a common mistake.



homework assignment for incorrectly suggesting use of the <address> element
and emotionally so ("hate the way microformats are going through that whole

Please (re)read the HTML 4.01 specification from beginning to end.


Then follow-up with reading POSH resources:




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