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Wed Nov 7 00:08:21 PST 2007

From: Francois Lafortune <web.dizign at gmail.com>
> I will do my studies! But my emotional beef is more about seeing divs 
> pop-up like it's a division party, and that sorta gets me roughed 
> up...

The divs and spans that you're worried about aren't mandetory, they're just there to help describe the block and inline nature of what you can code up.

Rather than use examples marked up with heading and paragraph elements, the examples use the neutral div and span elements in order to not cast assumptions on how you wish to markup your code.

For those playing at home, here's what the FAQ has to say about it.


Q. Why do the examples on the wiki use <span> and <div> for nearly everything?
A. <span> and <div> are generic elements in HTML. When you use microformats, you should pick the most specific semantic element available for the semantics you are trying to express. You might, for example, apply class="vevent" to a <tr>, or class="vcard" to a <p>.

Paul Wilkins

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