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Thank you!

On 7-Nov-07, at 3:08 AM, paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz wrote:

> From: Francois Lafortune <web.dizign at gmail.com>
>> I will do my studies! But my emotional beef is more about seeing divs
>> pop-up like it's a division party, and that sorta gets me roughed
>> up...
> The divs and spans that you're worried about aren't mandetory,  
> they're just there to help describe the block and inline nature of  
> what you can code up.
> Rather than use examples marked up with heading and paragraph  
> elements, the examples use the neutral div and span elements in  
> order to not cast assumptions on how you wish to markup your code.
> For those playing at home, here's what the FAQ has to say about it.
> http://microformats.org/wiki/ 
> faq#Q._Why_do_the_examples_on_the_wiki_use_.3Cspan.3E_and_.3Cdiv. 
> 3E_for_nearly_everything.3F
> Q. Why do the examples on the wiki use <span> and <div> for nearly  
> everything?
> A. <span> and <div> are generic elements in HTML. When you use  
> microformats, you should pick the most specific semantic element  
> available for the semantics you are trying to express. You might,  
> for example, apply class="vevent" to a <tr>, or class="vcard" to a  
> <p>.
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