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From: James Howison <james at howison.name>
> On Nov 7, 2007, at 12:30 AM, Tantek Çelik wrote:
> > It doesn't.  locality equates to city.  this has been true in common  
> > vCard
> > implementations for many years.
> Doesn't that depend on the local meaning of City vs Suburb? ie I think  
> Suburb makes more sense for Australian cities, where the suburb is a 
> more specific thing than the city.  ie 'Sydney' in an address refers 
> to a specific part of the whole geographical area more generally known  
> as Sydney, I think it is just a few post-codes (2000, 2001, 2002?).

The properties for adr come directly from RFC 2426

Here is what RFC 2426 has to say on the matter.

   The structured type value corresponds,
   in sequence, to the post office box; the extended address; the street
   address; the locality (e.g., city); the region (e.g., state or
   province); the postal code; the country name.
I suspect that the names locality and region were picked as internationally there are many ways or indicating an
address. The locality doesn't have to be a city, that's just an example that's given in the quote.

I'm surprised that this isn't fleshed out in greater detail on the adr page at http://microformats.org/wiki/adr

How they can expected to be used is:
extended-address - helpful info that may be required, such as Level 5, or Suite 203
extended-address - helpful info that may be required, such as suburb

locality - more specific than region
region - more specific than country-name


In China for example, this is a possible address

United Airlines C/D1 Unit, 15th Floor,

Tower A, GATEWAY No.18

Xiaguangli, North Road,

East Third Ring Chaoyang District

Beijing 100027


A possible structure there is
extended-address street-name
region postal-code

In America, the state is considered the region, with the locality being whatever helps to further narrow down to the street address itself, whether that be city, or principality, or suburb.
If Queens, NY works best in that particular scenario, then go with that. Locality only means more local than region, nothing more.

Paul Wilkins

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