[uf-discuss] adr in Operator

Mike Kaply microformats at kaply.com
Thu Nov 8 14:23:31 PST 2007

One more change I'm considering for Operator.

Removing support for an adr by itself in the UI.

Basically the problem is that unlike just about other microformat
(except geo), there's really nothing good to display for adr in the UI
(the address just looks silly). And because I try so hard to figure
out an address to display, It causes performance problems.

The reason I originally added adr support was a hack for hCards that
had multiple addresses, but I have since fixed that so an hCard can
have Google Maps as a nested menu that contains both addresses.

So the question is this:

Should I remove it completely since 99.9999% of adrs are in hCards? Or
should I just make it not on the toolbar by default?


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