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Tatsuya Noyori nojorin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 08:44:03 PST 2007

Hello Ben,

Thank you for your comments,

I am thinking about microformats and Atom and Form that is made by
users, such as RightFields(http://www.staggernation.com/mtplugins/RightFields/).

Atom does not contain html:head, therefore Atom cannot use
html:head/@profile and XMDP. This is the first problem. eRDF has the
same problem.

Recently, users can make their arbitary form but don't have a way of
sharing the form.
This is the second problem.

Users don't  have a way of sharing the data that is posted by the form
that is made by user. I think the declaration of arbitrary resource
descriptions is needed in web page or Atom feed.

In order to share the data, I think "<a style="..." rel="..."
href="...">...</a>" is needed.
Also, in order to share the form, I think Schema is needed. Schema can
validate the rage of the number and regex pattern of string.

For example, <span class="latitude">75</span> is OK. But I am not sure
<span class="latitude">255</span> is OK. Schema can define the range
for programar to check.

I think the simple schema is useful. For example, when user post atom
entry, I think validating the microformats is useful.

Best  regards,

> I urge you to step back, take in the responses already made elsewhere
> in the thread (particularly regarding HTML profiles). You need to
> have a problem to solve before you focus on some sort of solution.
> You've still not described a problem that this would solve. If
> there's a problem with the way microformats are currently implemented
> then we absolutely need to know about it, but so far the
> namespaceless, schemaless system we're using seems to be working out
> fine. But if that's not the case, please highlight the problem.
> Additionally, and I mean this more generally, everyone proposing
> anything into syntax must remember that microformats operate in HTML,
> not just XHTML. Any solution dependent on XML, such as self-closing
> elements which are not self-closing in HTML4, is not appropriate for
> microformats.
> Ben

Tatsuya Noyori (^o^)/

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