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I'm sorry to have put so much work on you and appreciate your efforts.
I'm still not convinced, though, that microformats will provide a
structure which will be beneficial in the long term.  Yes, they'd be
okay for coding many vcards, but not for the bigger picture.

Thanks again for your efforts.


On 11/30/2007 05:55 AM Paul Wilkins wrote:
> On Nov 28, 2007 6:09 AM, ken <gebser at speakeasy.net> wrote:
>> "Taking things further" was the point of my question.  In particular,
>> mentioned in the three-sentence example are several organizations-- a
>> couple high schools, a couple football teams, and a family-- and each of
>> the three people mentioned are members of (have a role in) three (but
>> not all) of these organizations.
> This is trivial though because the include pattern takes care of most of this.
> It takes but a few moments to include other data from the information
> that's given.
> The include pattern is where you put an id attribute on some piece of
> information, so that you can include it elsewhere with
>    <a href="id-name" class="include"></a>
> This was demonstrated at several places in the sample code, and the
> reason for the "left as an exercise" comment.
> I shall briefly add the highschool, their football team isn't
> mentioned, only their opponents. I have been naughty and called their
> football team "The Eagles", even though it's not stated explicitly in
> the text.
> The family relations come under the topic of genealogy, for which a
> microformat is currently being developed
> http://microformats.org/wiki/genealogy
> The game that's happening "this sunday" doesn't have a date, but I'll
> assume that it's the 2nd of December as the information was written
> just a few days ago.
> So the information that I've marked up from this for all three people is
> - First Name
> - Last Name
> - Organization Name
> - Organization Unit
> - Role
> Event
> - Start Date
> - Summary
> - Location
> Normally the code wouldn't be so many lines, it'd just be inline with
> the text and less wieldy, but in the intertested of readability in
> this email medium it's been given a more vertical layout.
> <span class="vcard" id="bobby-smith"><span class="fn n">
>  <span class="given-name">Bobby</span>
>    <a href="#smith" class="include"></a>
>  </span>
>  <span class="org">
>    <a href="#pittsfield-high" class="include"></a>
>    <a href="#eagles-team" class="include"></a>
>  </span>
>  <a href="#star-quarter" class="include"></a>
> </span>
> and
> <span class="vcard" id="billy-smith"><span class="fn n">
>    <span class="given-name">Billy</span>
>    <a href="#smith" class="include"></a>
>  </span>
>  <span class="org">
>    <a href="#pittsfield-high" class="include"></a>
>    <a href="#eagles-team" class="include"></a>
>  </span>
>  <a href="#star-fullback" class="include"></a>
> </span>
> are on
> <abbr class="organization-unit" id="eagles-team" title="The
> Eagles">the same football team</abbr>
> and
> <span class="vevent">
>  <abbr class="dtstart" title="2007-12-02">on Sunday</abbr>
>  they're
>  <span class="summary">playing against the
>    <span class="organization-unit" id="falcons-team">Falcons</span>
>  </span>,
>  <a href="#pittsfield-high" class="include"></a>
> </span>
> whose <span class="role" id="falcons-coach">coach</span> is
> <span class="vcard" id="ron-smith">
>  <span class="fn n">
>    <span class="given-name">Ron</span>
>        <span class="family-name" id="smith">Smith</span>
>  </span>
>  <span class="org">
>    <a href="#falcons-team" class="include"></a>
>  </span>
>  <a href="#falcons-coach" class="include"></a>
> </span>.
> Ron Smith is Bobby and Billy's father.
> The brothers are also
> the <span class="role" id="star-quarter">star quarterback</span>
> and <span class="role" id="star-fullback">star fullback</span>
> at <span class="organization-name location"
> id="pittsfield-high">Pittsfield High</span>.
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> Paul Wilkins
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