[uf-discuss] Re: [uf-new] Mapping Microformats to RDFa

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Oct 13 05:12:50 PDT 2007

In message 
<d375f00f0710130236q106a3fbdxd0246d78f389d874 at mail.gmail.com>, Tom 
Morris <tom at tommorris.org> writes

>Brian is referring to the RDFa folks rewriting microformats in RDFa, 
>which seems like a non-optimal route to take - it's much better to 
>publish microformats in the microformat syntax, and then use the 
>profile attribute to point GRDDL processors in the right direction. 
>Publishing microformats as RDFa seems like a terrific way to ensure 
>that only RDFa tools can read them. Follow current practice and all 
>that... ;)

And for those of us who publish HTML4.01, not XHTML..?

Andy Mabbett

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