[uf-discuss] Re: [uf-new] Mapping Microformats to RDFa

Tom Morris tom at tommorris.org
Sat Oct 13 05:58:45 PDT 2007

On 10/13/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> And for those of us who publish HTML4.01, not XHTML..?

Well, those implementing the GRDDL standard MAY use Tidy or a similar HTML
parsing library to turn HTML 4 in to XHTML 1.0, then parse XHTML 1.0 using
XSLT. The HTML 5 people also have html5lib and other parsing libraries, which
one could implement. The GRDDL specification defines the transformation
process for XHTML and XML, but HTML can be authored in the same way as XHTML
for GRDDL.

I have put this infomration on the wiki page:

"Restricting GRDDL to XHTML would seem to be unnecessarily limiting." (from
the wiki page)

GRDDL is not restricted to XHTML. The GRDDL standard specifies that GRDDL is
for XHTML, but HTML 4 can be used with GRDDL so long as the parsing agent
supports HTML 4. If GRDDL was restricted to XHTML, then the specification would
state that GRDDL implementations must not parse HTML 4.

GRDDL processors ought to support XHTML, since that is in the
specification - but they may support HTML as well. It may not be technically
possible for some GRDDL processors to parse HTML 4, so it's not a requirement.

Tom Morris

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